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Security And Cloud Hosting Sites

The cloud is becoming the place where everything seems to be happening. We are hosting our important files, messages and images there, as well as building our virtual presence by taking advantage of cloud hosting. But with this increasing use of the cloud are also several questions about its security. Many computer users are still unsure about whether or not the cloud can keep their content safe.

The cloud, as convenient as it is, does not come without its security concerns. And it’s these concerns which have many users, as well as the economy not so sure about the benefits of this alternative. But any fears can be eliminated by doing research into specific aspects of cloud hosting; namely, the security types available, as well as what happens should a security breach occur. Another aspect to watch for is what could be involved legally should data become lost or compromised in the cloud.

Security options available from cloud hosting providers are available in completely different ways than that offered by traditional hosts. The latter offers security and privacy via secure browser connections and FTP addresses, in addition to other security certificates worked well to keep clients’ secure, and still do. The cloud host, however, must ensure security in several different forms.

One of these forms is encryption. This has ensured the security of data, even when that data was under attack. Any cloud host which can offer data encryption is one to consider. Those who do not should raise a red flag, as encryption is a fairly basic and simple things for cloud hosts to offer. Encryption represents the first line of defense as far as attacks from hackers are concerned, as it prevents data from being read by anyone trying to access a server from the outside, as well as anyone but the data owner themselves. Server-side encryption may be something else to look for, but it’s good to keep in mind that this type of security may only be available with a few cloud hosting companies.

Cloud hosting companies which also offer a form of managed hosting may also be something to look for if increased security is desired. In this scenario, an individual oversees the data and security of a server, meaning that should something go wrong, the person in charge of management can step in to take care of it. In addition to the security benefits of managed hosting, a more efficient transition to the cloud is another advantage, as there is someone present to assist a customer with this.

A cloud web host that also offers customers the opportunity to use personal encryption can also be a great benefit. This will allow for a two-layer security system which utilizes both the cloud host’s encryption services and private protection within the client’s own account for hosting.

Those who question the security of data once it’s been transitioned to cloud web hosting sites may be relieved to know that the cloud is inherently difficult for hackers to enter and steal data from. This is due to the fact that in the cloud, data is stored across many servers over which data is constantly moving.

Posted by Anita Young on June 26th, 2013 :: Filed under Web Hosting Information
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