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Medifast Coupons, and Mindful Eating

If you are guilty of snacking while you watch a movie, eating lunch at your desk or grabbing a quick bite as you drive, then you are not alone. The habit is called mindless eating, and it’s responsible for millions of Americans who find themselves overweight. But the good news is that something can be done about mindless eating. And turning mindless eating into mindful eating is as easy as focusing on what you are eating. This means making the eating of a meal into a singular activity, and not something you do while you’re doing something else.

Another way to curb mindless eating is to pay attention to how you are feeling. Are you really hungry, or is there an emotional trigger attached to those pangs? Experts say that in this case, try and see where the pangs are coming from; those that originate anywhere but from your stomach are probably mindless eating triggers. Of course, going on a diet plan that also helps you save, for example Medifast Coupons, can also result in you losing weight. But a big part of weight loss is being conscious about what you’re eating and why. The next step? Changing those habits.


Posted by Anita Young on July 15th, 2013 :: Filed under Uncategorized
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