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Is WordPress A Good Solution For Your Business Site? Ask http://www/

You may have read some articles about hosting a web site using WordPress. And it may have listed many benefits, such as the fact that it can cost nothing or next to it to create and maintain your site. Other benefits include features that allow you to embed a lot of goodies into your site, such as video, social sharing and liking, and discussion forums. All of these features may seem like exactly what you need for a business web site. But the reality is that WordPress web sites only work for certain business sites.

Those whose businesses only go so far as having a contact form where email capture can occur, a blog where posts are made about the business or simply house the brochure for a business, then WordPress can help. The web’s expert on such matters,, advises that using the WordPress platform for running a business is not only against WordPress’s terms of service, but prevents users from putting features like a shopping cart on their sites. As well, there are no SEO features, which are necessary in order to fine-tune business performance. Although the WordPress platform is nowhere near the blog site it used to be, experts opine that the site is likely headed away from content management and toward an application engine role.

Posted by Jessie Milam on June 28th, 2013 :: Filed under Web Hosting Information
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