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Expansion Of Broadband Internet Access Companies Continue With Addition Of Security Services

With so much contention being evident in the realms of internet infrastructure expansion, some ISPs are looking to other areas where they may be able to offer more service and earn more revenue. And many internet provider companies have chosen the realm of home security from which to create their new offerings. In addition to home security, many companies have chosen to participate in the services associated with home automation. Where designated home security companies would, in the past monitor and protect homes with dedicated lines, internet companies now offer this option as part of their bundled services.

Today, a customer opting for home security with their internet company can check on the status of their home with their smart phone. As far as home automation, products like video cameras in the home can also be monitored via a mobile device. Thermostats also fall under the automation category, allowing broadband internet access customers to change their home’s internal temperature with their device, resulting in lower energy costs. Other examples of home automation include remote-controlled locks and window coverings. While the future of this kind of home automation is unclear, there is much potential as far as things like medical monitoring.

Posted by Admin on July 12th, 2013 :: Filed under Internet Information
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