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Co-location And The Best Web Hosting Sites

Co-location can be a great option for the advanced webmaster. Not only does it allow you complete control over your server, but it also allows for complete control over your software, operating system and equipment, even though you are using your host’s bandwidth. Setting up co-location requires a significant amount of expertise in the IT department. Any webmaster wanting co-location will need to pre-load their internet server with the server software and operating system they desire. Although a web host will assist with the allocation of servers, a connection and your IP numbers, server configuration is left to the webmaster.

Many webmasters refer to co-location as a ‘no frills’ kind of service, with any extra services required needing payment before help can occur. However, just because you may looking for the best web hosting sites, doesn’t mean that there aren’t things to look out for. One example is looking for whether or not a host offers reboot privileges at no cost. This entails contacting your host’s staff when  a physical reboot of the server is needed. As well, it’s important to ensure that your host offers T3 connectivity at the least. Finally, choosing an establishing hosting company will get you many long-term benefits.


Posted by Leah Burton on July 8th, 2013 :: Filed under Web Hosting Information
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