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Backup Computer Files, And Save A Headache

Most people don’t realize just how important the files that are stored on their computer are until something happens and it’s too late to retrieve this important information. Items like precious family photos, even though they may have been scanned onto a computer for safe keeping can be at great risk if they haven’t been backed up on some other media. The best way to back up any information on your computer is to use as many types of external media as possible. This means using flash drives, CDS and external hard drives that can be unplugged from your main computer system.

Another way to prevent data loss is to look to the cloud. A cloud backup computer solution can offer much in the way of peace of mind as far as your files are concerned. Many cloud services offer much online storage space at no cost, and most of them are very easy to learn and use. Besides data loss, your information can also be stolen, which makes having several external backup solutions even more important. The bottom line is that if you are using your computer to store information of more than one kind, and it is your main computer, then you should probably have a back up plan in place.

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Co-location And The Best Web Hosting Sites

Co-location can be a great option for the advanced webmaster. Not only does it allow you complete control over your server, but it also allows for complete control over your software, operating system and equipment, even though you are using your host’s bandwidth. Setting up co-location requires a significant amount of expertise in the IT department. Any webmaster wanting co-location will need to pre-load their internet server with the server software and operating system they desire. Although a web host will assist with the allocation of servers, a connection and your IP numbers, server configuration is left to the webmaster.

Many webmasters refer to co-location as a ‘no frills’ kind of service, with any extra services required needing payment before help can occur. However, just because you may looking for the best web hosting sites, doesn’t mean that there aren’t things to look out for. One example is looking for whether or not a host offers reboot privileges at no cost. This entails contacting your host’s staff when  a physical reboot of the server is needed. As well, it’s important to ensure that your host offers T3 connectivity at the least. Finally, choosing an establishing hosting company will get you many long-term benefits.


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Discover For The Best Web Hosting Suggestions

Web Hosting Solutions Are A Click AwayWith all of the hosting options that are out there, it can be hard to know which one is best for you. Lately, there has been much discussion about Windows hosting. And so an explanation of what it is may help to clear some of the confusion which seems to surround it. Windows hosting is simply a web site host whose servers run on the Windows operating system. A Windows hosting company has much to offer a would-be web site owner, as this hosting option includes more software/hardware compatibility, in addition to having more security and convenience than other hosting types.

To be more detailed, Windows hosting offers support for both .ASP and pages that are driven by dynamic databases. As well, the Windows hosting platform can access and integrate data seamlessly using Access. And the Windows platform can also be used to develop applications for a web site. And Windows-based hosting means that regular updates occur via Microsoft, along with the ability to access support for the platform periodically.  Of course, there are many choices for hosting a web site, as will reveal. And the most important thing about the hosting company you choose is that the choice was based on being educated about your options.

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Is WordPress A Good Solution For Your Business Site? Ask http://www/

You may have read some articles about hosting a web site using WordPress. And it may have listed many benefits, such as the fact that it can cost nothing or next to it to create and maintain your site. Other benefits include features that allow you to embed a lot of goodies into your site, such as video, social sharing and liking, and discussion forums. All of these features may seem like exactly what you need for a business web site. But the reality is that WordPress web sites only work for certain business sites.

Those whose businesses only go so far as having a contact form where email capture can occur, a blog where posts are made about the business or simply house the brochure for a business, then WordPress can help. The web’s expert on such matters,, advises that using the WordPress platform for running a business is not only against WordPress’s terms of service, but prevents users from putting features like a shopping cart on their sites. As well, there are no SEO features, which are necessary in order to fine-tune business performance. Although the WordPress platform is nowhere near the blog site it used to be, experts opine that the site is likely headed away from content management and toward an application engine role.

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Security And Cloud Hosting Sites

The cloud is becoming the place where everything seems to be happening. We are hosting our important files, messages and images there, as well as building our virtual presence by taking advantage of cloud hosting. But with this increasing use of the cloud are also several questions about its security. Many computer users are still unsure about whether or not the cloud can keep their content safe.

The cloud, as convenient as it is, does not come without its security concerns. And it’s these concerns which have many users, as well as the economy not so sure about the benefits of this alternative. But any fears can be eliminated by doing research into specific aspects of cloud hosting; namely, the security types available, as well as what happens should a security breach occur. Another aspect to watch for is what could be involved legally should data become lost or compromised in the cloud.

Security options available from cloud hosting providers are available in completely different ways than that offered by traditional hosts. The latter offers security and privacy via secure browser connections and FTP addresses, in addition to other security certificates worked well to keep clients’ secure, and still do. The cloud host, however, must ensure security in several different forms.

One of these forms is encryption. This has ensured the security of data, even when that data was under attack. Any cloud host which can offer data encryption is one to consider. Those who do not should raise a red flag, as encryption is a fairly basic and simple things for cloud hosts to offer. Encryption represents the first line of defense as far as attacks from hackers are concerned, as it prevents data from being read by anyone trying to access a server from the outside, as well as anyone but the data owner themselves. Server-side encryption may be something else to look for, but it’s good to keep in mind that this type of security may only be available with a few cloud hosting companies.

Cloud hosting companies which also offer a form of managed hosting may also be something to look for if increased security is desired. In this scenario, an individual oversees the data and security of a server, meaning that should something go wrong, the person in charge of management can step in to take care of it. In addition to the security benefits of managed hosting, a more efficient transition to the cloud is another advantage, as there is someone present to assist a customer with this.

A cloud web host that also offers customers the opportunity to use personal encryption can also be a great benefit. This will allow for a two-layer security system which utilizes both the cloud host’s encryption services and private protection within the client’s own account for hosting.

Those who question the security of data once it’s been transitioned to cloud web hosting sites may be relieved to know that the cloud is inherently difficult for hackers to enter and steal data from. This is due to the fact that in the cloud, data is stored across many servers over which data is constantly moving.

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