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Can Free Anti Virus Programs Increase Your Online Safety? Use These Tips

When it’s time to protect your computer, you may be thinking that downloading protection programs will do the trick. But there is also a lot more that can be done to protect yourself. For example, when receiving email that has files attached, take caution. Even though it may look like something legitimate, it may not be. When in doubt, simply do not open attachments; delete them instead. The same is true for any messages received from address you recognize, but that contains a link to a file the sender says is important.

Downloading files online has its own set of risks. Here, you must ensure that the source you are getting your files from is legitimate. This can be confirmed by your free anti virus program, but paid versions may be able to conduct a deeper scan to confirm file legitimacy. Making regular backups of all of the files on your computer can help you to recover from any breach in security. At the end of the day, the best safety solution is one that combines knowledge and understanding with a good protection program. And you can very often get adequate virus protection at no or very little cost.

Posted by Jessie Milam on June 25th, 2013 :: Filed under Home Security Systems
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